Well, I haven’t been paying attention lately to Midori, and in that time, it has made some nice improvements, both in stability and in usability. It still can’t match Firefox for overall utility, but I think it is better than Ephiphany (Webkit), and for such a small project, that is saying something. Midori 0.1.1 is definitely showing some maturity

The only problem I have isn’t so much a problem of Midori as it is a strength of Firefox, the plugins I am using with Firefox make my browsing experience much more enjoyable, NoScript, AdBlock, and Flashblock are all great tools for having a safer, controlled, and much less cluttered internet experience. Going around to websites with Midori reminded me of just how much these tools filter out stuff I don’t want happening in my web browser, and I think for the majority of my web browsing, it is going to have to be Firefox still.

Nevertheless, I am excited to see Midori making the kinds of strides that it has and eagerly anticipate it’s future progress. Go Midori!

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