Sentelic’s Finger Sensing Pad

I have been bashing my head against this device since the new computer has arrived. Apparently Sentelic doesn’t like…anyone? Look it up on Google. You have both Windows and Linux users stymied and outraged by what would otherwise be a rather simple device. It almost had me give up on Arch Linux and move back to Ubuntu, but after more hours spent scouring the internet, I determined that I might yet be able to pull it off with Arch. I hope it doesn’t come to this, but I want Sentelic to know that I am not afraid to compile a custom kernel just to thumb my nose at them and their unwillingness to simply put out a workable driver, or to make their device operable with already workable drivers. At least I know I have the processing power to do it within a reasonable span of time (that does help make one a little less fearful of such things).

My next ideas, however, don’t involve kernel compilation, but rather overcoming the FSP linux drivers ability to record and modify touchpad settings. I hope that if I can surmount this obstacle, that I will have a fully functional touchpad. I will post my solution on the blog once I have found one.

2 thoughts on “Sentelic’s Finger Sensing Pad

  1. If you have had any success at all, please let me know. This stupid touchpad is the only thing that’s keeping me from enjoying a full windows 8 experience :(

  2. It does work for me now, although I didn’t do anything to get it to work. It just happened with one of the kernel updates. Oops, I can’t help you with Windows 8. My problem was with Linux.

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