Hyang Watch: July 1

Hyang has been having a tough time of it this past few days. Her shoulder has started to really hurt from using it too much (pushing strollers, riding bikes, etc). Her shoulder has always been prone to knotting up with pain after being pushed too hard, but that doesn’t make it feel any better for her. Now, in addition to this, she also has an eye infection, likely due to the adverse circumstances of going to so many different peoples homes while trying to care for her contact lenses. She has scheduled an appointment with a doctor for tomorrow about the infection.

Not that her day wasn’t going to be busy enough. Apparently I was mistaken about some of the facts surrounding the nieces birthday party. It is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon (Korea time) and so she is going to be busy with party preparations and will also be getting her hair done with her sister in the morning. She told me that the Everland thing wasn’t for the birthday, but just something her brother and his family took them to, so I’m not sure of the circumstances for the birthday party.

I think our original plans for enrolling the children in a school while staying in Korea are sort of going out the window as well. She still hasn’t made the necessary preparations to do it and she is already almost half way through her time there. It will be ok if they don’t get in, but I was hoping they would in order to improve their Korean language skills.

That’s about all I have at the moment, and I might have more information tomorrow after I call Hyang later in the morning. Stay tuned.

Holy turns 3!

Holy had her third birthday on Sunday. Sorry I’m so late in getting a picture posted. She had a rice crispy treat cake made from pink marshmallows and topped with M&M’s. She was very happy, not the least because the cake was pink. She’s quite taken at the moment with that particular color.

Her present take for the day was quite nice. She recieved a number of clothing items and a nice tea set among her many fantastic gifts. Unfortunately, while Hyang made sure to get lots of video, the above photo is the only one we have. I’ll see what we can do about the video.

Happy Birthday Serene

Serene is five years old today, and is just as much a light in the eyes of her parents as the day she was born:

A Recipe for Little Girls

The feather from an angel’s wing
A drop of color from a Spring rainbow
Drawn tight with a ribbon of the finest lace
And bound together with a newborn’s laugh
Add a dash of fire and a shadow or two
A jump on the bed to shake it up
Next let it grow with patience and care
Then wait for it to rise with time and enjoy;
Serves one joyful family
With a lifetime of blessed memories.

Happy Birthday Hyang

Hyang and I had a wonderful evening going out to celebrate her birthday, just the two of us. I gave her her birthday card with the poem you see below written in it (with my terrible handwriting :( ). We then enjoyed a great movie, Slumdog Millionaire, and I will be very surprised to see it not win the Oscar for best film. I might try and write a review later, although I’ll probably be too busy other than to write here that I fully endorse it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good movie to watch.

We ended the evening at Barnes & Noble with some coffee and reading, as we were both still not hungry from the fine meal we had at lunch with our small group members (thanks to Dongkun, Hanna, and Alan for coming, we had a great time with you all).

And a special thanks to Ji-Hye for making the wonderful evening together possible and watching our children.

The Lavenders of Spring

The lavenders of Spring do bloom
the mornings tinged with warmth
and songbirds compose their melodies
amorous hymns of life renewed
Raindrops stumble from the sky
to wash away these winter woes
and cleanse from us the dreary grey
of cobwebs left from yesteryear
And all of this is for one reason
this brilliant changing of the season
when winters cold is packed away
and springtide gaiety unfurled
like mighty banners in the wind
What cause is this we celebrate?
the reason for to mark this date?
Limbs that weave like willow branches
A smile which pales the midday sun
when first you blessed this land
and graced our earthly sphere
Your presence now has thawed the ice
which froze our hardened hearts
Our captive joy has sprung to life
and vital hues of green surround
while the world shakes off its slumber
Hibernal curse at last is lift
Scattered by your gentle song
that woke us from the depths of night
to greet the days first rays of light.