Post-Christmas reflections

The Lindgrens in Texas had a pretty good Christmas this year. All of the children seemed very pleased with their presents and Hyang made a nice ham for our Christmas dinner (which was on Christmas eve because of my work schedule). We succeeded in finding just about everything on our list and didn’t spend too much.

Ji-Hye was on hand to share our meal as well as our Christmas morning before heading off to her friends, and I even got to bring home some stuffed penguin dolls from Children’s when I came home from work. We called my Mom and Dad at least three times to catch all of my siblings and their family and wished them all a Merry Christmas. We even succeeded in finding the special item we were desperately looking for, on Christmas day even (will have to wait to share more about that later).

We even had a white Christmas (I know the rest of you know this, but this is sort of for posterity sake), apparently the first one for Dallas in over 80 years. Overall, I think this Christmas has been one of the better one’s I’ve had since being here in Texas.

A snowy Christmas Eve

Well, someone got their wish and it looks like at least Christmas morning will be moderately white. Not sure how long it will last tomorrow, but I was pessimistic about it even sticking today and it looks like it’s already exceeded my expectations on that count, so who knows. The kids will probably try to go sledding on it tomorrow morning, regardless of how thin it is (don’t get many of these opportunities, so you learn to make the most of them).

I’ll try to take pictures when they do, but in the meantime, here are some pictures from today:

Highland Park Christmas Lights

Highland Park lived up to its reputation again this year with some great lights. Everyone was very impressed and the kids and Hyang had a great time. I’m including a photo here, but I need to do some editing before I can post the video that Hyang took, so that will have to be in a couple of days (although hopefully I can get it up tomorrow). So, here are a couple of photos from our evening of sight-seeing:

Highland Park Christmas Lights

This is one of the few holiday traditions Hyang and I have had here in Dallas. This year was definitely the best because our children were finally old enough that all of them could enjoy it with us.

Sorry about the video quality. Youtube was throwing a fit and wouldn’t upload the video as it was (probably because I had to edit it), and so I had to save it with a different encoding. I picked MPEG4 with a MP4 format because it was one of the codecs Youtube suggested, but the quality really went down hill with it. I’m going to go back to Youtube and see what other encodings are accepted and see if there isn’t one that doesn’t experience so much data loss. I’ll probably stick with the AVI format, since all of my previous videos have been that.

Messengers of grace

Rain fell with almost imperceptible fineness
The sky dimmed by a million sojourners
bringing gifts as the kings of old did
when once the gods of heaven deigned
to join the men of earth in their lonely journey
bound by the ages to circumscribe the sun
Now these new kings come to bless
And bearing gifts from heaven no less
To once again bring life to a tired land
And joy to the weary people who walk it.
May the king of heaven be praised on his throne
And laud for these messengers of grace