Nothing confirms something as dead quite as much as immersing it in an environment where life thrives and it does nothing.  It doesn’t matter how much you nurture a rock.  It will still be only a rock.

Silent Screams

Silent screams ring through the night
piercing through the eerie calm
A fog so thick with time forgotten
Shake me, wake me from this pall
and give no rest unto the dead
nor let not the weary rest their head
until at last they do respond
and hearken to this heralds call
No prisoners are we to take
make haste to seize the sun we chase
and all else must be left behind
with no reprieve for friend or foe
Let sleepless comrades join the fight
upon all of those who love of the light
until the curtains come to close
upon these night time escapades
when we are forced to give back ground
and slowly sink into the past


These happy tales of sunlit vales
are not in store for me
The path I take is full of ache
and bleak as wind whipped seas
I cannot lie nor shall deny
the truth of what awaits
Of this I heard, the prophets word
that this would be my fate
That I would die without a sigh
and never know your love
And so I write with all my might
this poem for my dove
So you would know my feelings blow
this heart aches to display
And I would care, I do declare
for you in every way
Please keep this verse, though it be terse
and know who I would be
If I by chance could you romance
my dearest sweet Marie.

Where the heart lies

Where the heart lies, there it dies
By pools of still, cold water
Lying in the shadows of days end
With silence passing slowly by
Her footsteps echo in the mind
Take the time to find the path
That leads you to tranquility
And discover for yourself again
The places where your heart now lies

Into the void

Limbs grown weary in pursuit
chasing the world’s edge
Horizon always temptingly close
though never any closer
But one day I’ll catch that line
to peer below the earthly rim
I long to see those nether regions
unknown worlds strewn about
Then at last to cast myself
forever falling into the void
and join them for eternity.