From screenshots

I like what I am seeing from Google+ so far, and I would like to transition to it from Facebook, although that is dependent on social factors and not completely dictated by my preference for the format. I guess it isn’t a restricted beta anymore, so all you need to do is go to the Google home page and click on the “You+” link in the upper left corner of the screen.

Saying Sorry on Facebook

I am reminded of my less savory actions as I add contacts to my Facebook account from high school. It is a curious thing, these regrets.

At first, I considered writing an apology. But I wondered, for whom am I making this apology, myself or them? And in fact, it did seem as though I was doing it more for myself, to relieve my sense of shame and discomfort. But, as I think on this again, I wonder if it wouldn’t be good for the other person, to hear that people do care about how you were mistreated, and to know that your suffering and their part in it is at least belatedly acknowledged.

I don’t think I was a terrible person. I had my role in the tiny social sphere that was my high school (my graduating class was 16 persons). I was the smart/nerdy/intellectual one. I was pretty skinny and certainly not very athletic, although I tried (my efforts earned me a seat on the bench for most of my high school basketball career), and was decidedly uncool. But I did have a place, even if it wasn’t the most comfortable one. There were other people, though, who had even more trouble than me with fitting in. Sometimes I was an active participant in perpetuating this social ostracization, but equally damning is the more frequent passive acceptance of this treatment. I was too afraid of risking my own delicate standing to speak out against the mistreatment of others, and now I look back at it and I am ashamed; ashamed that I did nothing, but even more ashamed that my reason for doing nothing was for something so worthless as my meager high school reputation. As much for what I didn’t do as for what I did do.

So, what do I do about this. I certainly don’t want to just push an apology onto these people, making them feel obligated to either accept my apology or to somehow ease my conscience. Nor do I want to patronize them, as though they need my apology to complete their life or heal past wrongs, even though this very well may be true. But I do want to apologize because I wronged them, and that wrong needs to be admitted and not ignored. How do you do this, though, if the current relationship is so tenuous. I haven’t had contact with some of these people since we graduated from high school, and even now, my contact with them consists of a Facebook account. Such a confession in these circumstances might seem overly abrupt, even distastefully intrusive and presumptuous.

This is why I don’t think I can proceed with such an apology/confession. I am not in a position in their life to initiate an apology, and do not know if it would even be welcome. I don’t mind giving one if the subject is broached, but to force the negative memories associated with it back into the forefront of someone’s consciousness uninvited seems ill conceived at best and a continuation of the same malicious self gratification it supposedly addresses at worst.

Back on Facebook and Twitter

I don’t really have a reason for it, but it does seem that the technology drives the social activity, and since I got a new fangled phone, I decided to go ahead and restore those services which could more fully make use of its capacities. Whatever. I’m really enjoying Pandora. Best app so far for Android. I’m testing out all sorts of other apps, but I’m a vicious fellow, and some of them may not survive much longer.

I’m still working out how I’m going to integrate all of this. I may have to change the format of the blog to accommodate everything. We’ll see.

Questioning Facebook and Twitter

Some years ago, I joined Myspace because my brother and sister-in-law were active on it and I wanted to use it to keep in touch with them. But when their activity on the network precipitiously dropped off, I saw no point in continuing my own participation and deleted my account.

I am now facing something of the same situation with Facebook and Twitter. I hadn’t bothered with Facebook until I joined my current church, Journey of Faith. And the reason for me joining was because so much of the church’s activities were communicated through that social network. But things have changed, and I haven’t bothered looking at the church’s Facebook page in sometime. My participation with Twitter was connected to this, since there was a convergence of usage with the members of my church on the two websites.

Now that my reason for joining is largely gone I have begun to seriously question my presence on these websites, and I think it may be time to pull the plug on them. Twitter is almost certainly over, since I think limiting oneself to 140 characters or less easily devolves into triteness and triviality. Facebook has been a better experience, but I’ve grown bored even with it, and maintaining it has started to become tedious.

I have almost always done this, extend myself for a time before contracting again into focusing on my blog. School also plays a big factor in this, since I am busier with my classes than I have been in a while, and I don’t feel that I have time for social networks that have only a tenuous grip on my interest. So, I believe this is my fairwell to Twitter and Facebook. Now I just have to figure out how to finish the job and make myself disappear from these websites.

A Twitter Test Post

This is just a test post to see what Twitter tools, Twitter, and Facebook do when all linked together. Hopefully something a little better than lame.

Ok, yeah, that was lame. I’ll see if I can’t adjust the settings to make it less lame.

Edit: And no. The settings for Twitter tools are too limited to make the postings it creates less lame. I suppose I could go and muck around inside the plugin and hack a better twitter post template, but that will have to wait for me to have time for something as trivial as that.

Gwibber, Twitter and Facebook

Well, I decided to make some use of my sad little Twitter account, and so I linked it up with my Facebook status updates and downloaded Gwibber, a micro-blogging client for Gnome desktop. Now I just have to look for a plugin to link it all up with my blog. Here is a picture of Gwibber for any interested in using it: