Farewell to MySpace

I’ve had a MySpace account since sometime around September 3, 2006 (at least that is the first post acknowledging I had one). I started it because Kaleb and Toni were active in that social network website.

But things have changed, and neither Kaleb or Toni are active on MySpace any longer. I simply don’t see the utility of maintaining another website, especially one that I have always felt to be inferior to either my blog or Facebook.

I should pare back some other websites as well, probably StumbleUpon.

A flaw in the myspace crossposter

I think I have noticed a pattern in failed crosspostings. If I am correct, then this post will post over to MySpace, thus confirming that most html formatting in the post will cause errors in posting over on MS. Thus only those posts that are text only – sans html – will cross over. Lets see.

Edit: I was right. I don

The code changes I made to Myspace crossposter

MySpace crossposter

As I tried out both the notification and whole post modes, I came to the conclusion that what I really wanted was a combination of the two. I liked the link backs that notification offered, but I wanted to have actual content in my myspace blog, and not just the repetitive notification. Here is what I did:

Original code (for whole post) line 521:

My modifications:
$blogContent=”<a href=”.'”‘.$blogUrl.'”‘.”>”.$blogName.”</a><p><p>”.$content.”<p><p>To comment, please click here: <a href=”.'”‘.$postUrl.'”‘.”>”.$mySubject.”</a><p>”;

The changes place the linked name of your blog above the content and a request to post comments to the blog at the bottom of the content post (with the post name linked to the post). It will look something like this:

Title of Post

Name of Blog

Content of post. La la la la.

To comment, please click here: Title of Post

In addition to this, I changed the value of line 91 (the variable for enabling/disabling myspace blog comments) from 0 to 1. This will disable the comment system for crossposted entries, further encouraging readers to follow the link to the blog.

I think I figured it out

After doing some searching, I figured the only way to disable MySpace blog commenting is to do it on an individual post basis. That means one more edit to the crossposting plugin, this time to find the value entered to fill in the comment section of a MySpace post and change it from allow comments to disable comments. In addition to explaining this, I am also using this post to sort of test out whether it worked. Good luck to me.

Operation “Edit MySpace Plugin” is a success

I now not only have it the way I want it formatted (for now at least), but I know what I am doing and should be able to modify the format to whatever else I might want it to be in the future. If you want, check out my MySpace blog and tell me what you think of the new format and what changes you would like to see. At the moment, it includes a link back to my weblog, the full content of my posts, and another message/link that directs people who wish to comment back to the original post on my weblog. That way, all of the content is there, while still maintaining connections back to here for people who are interested. Now, the only thing left I am considering doing is disabling the commenting system on MySpace so as to add a further incentive for people to come over here, since I really don’t want to be spending a lot of time checking that site in case people ignored my request. Let’s see if MySpace lets me do that.

Still trying to get that MySpace crossposter right

I decided I don’t like the notification. It strikes me as sort of lame. I’d rather just put the whole post over on MySpace and let it be. I might even try and edit the plugin myself and make it give a link, although that may be beyond me, not sure right now. We’ll have to see after doing some tinkering.

Facebook and Myspace part two

This is a second test post. Also, I’ll do here what I should have done in the first post, namely, offer the links to the two plugins that I am using to make this cross posting possible.



Now, you will need to unzip these and then upload them with FTP (I’ve no clue how that would work if you are using wordpress.com)

Edit: OK, well, the whole post entry on Myspace doesn’t work. For some reason it glitches out on me and won’t post, so I’m having to go back to just posting a notification on Myspace for now until I can get that fixed. Oh, and for Toni, let me know if you have any problems with installing the plugin and I’ll try and help you.

Edit 2: I figured out the problem with the Myspace plugin. Apparently it doesn’t like being edited on the fly, so what you have to do if you want to make any changes to the settings is deactivate it, reactivate it, and then enter the settings information again. Basically, you better pick the way you want it to perform on the first try, because if you change your mind, you will have to wipe its memory and reenter your information to make even one change (there really is only one change you can make, whole post or notification, but nevertheless, if you want to make the change, you will have to reenter everything to do it)