Silent Screams

Silent screams ring through the night
piercing through the eerie calm
A fog so thick with time forgotten
Shake me, wake me from this pall
and give no rest unto the dead
nor let not the weary rest their head
until at last they do respond
and hearken to this heralds call
No prisoners are we to take
make haste to seize the sun we chase
and all else must be left behind
with no reprieve for friend or foe
Let sleepless comrades join the fight
upon all of those who love of the light
until the curtains come to close
upon these night time escapades
when we are forced to give back ground
and slowly sink into the past

What fire burns

What fire burns in darkest night
In distant stars with pale light
To shine upon my upturned face
With ancient light from distant place
And now my heart is set ablaze
My lips are pressed with humble praise
At the beauty which they display
Eternal truths not found by day
Now sleep beneath their watchful eye
And hear them whisper in the sky

A restless Summer night

When the heat of the day
Lingers long into the night
And the land cannot rest
When the sun dips down
Below the western edge
That is when coyote prowls
Beneath the sleepless eye
That watcher of the night
Beware the snare he lays
For those nocturnal wayfarers
Who wander unaware
Lock and latch your homes
And answer not for strangers
Lest your soul be snatched
Lost within the inky dark
Of a restless Summer night