A restless Summer night

When the heat of the day
Lingers long into the night
And the land cannot rest
When the sun dips down
Below the western edge
That is when coyote prowls
Beneath the sleepless eye
That watcher of the night
Beware the snare he lays
For those nocturnal wayfarers
Who wander unaware
Lock and latch your homes
And answer not for strangers
Lest your soul be snatched
Lost within the inky dark
Of a restless Summer night

What a lazy day

Stayed up late last night, woke up even later this morning, and did basically nothing except lounge around watching The Daily Show, checking up on some of my favorite webcomics, and looking into Facebook. Well, I suppose I’ll allow myself this one day to let everything drop, but that isn’t my plan for the next two months, and so I thought I would end this little bit of luxury with a list of things I actually want to accomplish while Hyang and the kids are gone.

First, on the domestic front, I do not want to be living in squalor, which means giving myself some daily chores: The dishes should be done after every meal, there is no reason for the house to be messy. Laundry needs to be done on a regular basis (just haven’t figured out how regular that needs to be if it’s only me). Obvious sounding stuff, but when you have a wife who stays home, it’s good to make a list. But basically, it boils down to making sure that when Hyang comes back, she comes back to a very clean house, and the easiest way to do that is to make sure it stays clean.

Second, on a personal fitness, I need to start working out even more, now that I am freed from some of my more time consuming family obligations. I’ve already been trying to do some calisthenics on a regular basis, but now I can start adding to this routine and hopefully get in even better shape. Hyang wanted me to try and eat some of the more perishable items in our refrigerator, but the more I look at everything in the frig, the more I am certain that unless I want to rapidly balloon up in weight, this will be an impossible task. There is simply too much in there to eat. Sadly, I am going to have to allow some of it to be thrown out. Sorry Hyang.

Third, intellectually, I would like to get some reading and studying done. I’ve already started The Brothers Karamazov, and hope to finish that by the time everyone returns. For study, I’m going to look into picking up my off again on again Korean studies and hope to make something of it this time, although no guarantees on that front (I’ve done it too many times to get my hopes up too high). In addition to these, I hope to start doing a better job of preparing for my thursday morning discipleship meetings with Pastor Ray. These meetings have been interrupted quite frequently during the Spring, and so I am hoping that the Summer will prove more open and steady.

Fourth, I would like to make sure to try and connect with friends that I didn’t have time to see while in School and busy with my family. And finally, some chores. There are a number of chores that need to be done, suspending phone service for Hyang’s cell, turn in some paperwork from Serene’s hospitalization, and contact a professor to talk about registering for Greek in the fall. I am sure there are other things I should be doing, but that’s all I can think of at the moment, and I’ve run out of time before I need to go prepare for work.

Going to Korea

We just finished purchasing tickets for a Summer trip to Korea for Hyang and the children. I’ll be staying behind for financial reasons.

They will be leaving in June and will be gone for two months. Hopefully we can make some arrangements and have the older two entered into some kind of Korean school while they are there. I’m not sure if they’ll appreciate it, but I know it would be great for their education and it will help Hyang out too if we can swing it.

Thankfully, we have enough money right now that essentially all four tickets are paid for without any debt whatsoever. With me working overtime while they are gone, we should have all the additional expenses the trip incurs paid for and hopefully some left over for some end of the Summer expenses we are anticipating.