A new category: Religion

I have been considering this for some time now, especially since I am growing further apart from my religious past, that I wanted to sort out my explicitly religious posts from my other philosophical entries.

Well, I have done it, so if anyone is interested, here are my religious entries and here are my more philosophical entries. As you can tell, I have not stopped posting about religious topics, but it has been more of an outsider perspective now, as well as how to deal with religious social issues from an atheists perspective. I have no idea if anyone will even be interested in this category, but at least if you weren’t interested in it, it has been safely secluded from my other philosophical posts, in case you were interested in those (ha ha).

I’m back

I had some database problems, but everything is all better thanks to the people @ weblogs.us.  Special thanks to JD for his patient help.  I’ll be back to blogging with one of my eye watering, mind numbing blog posts tomorrow.  Even got something in the works, so it won’t take long at all.

A new theme

I don’t know why, but I find this new theme’s minimalism very clean and appealing. I’m not sure how long I will keep it, but it will stay up for the time being, despite my wife’s dislike of it. She will simply have to get her own blog if she wants a different theme.

As for other going’s on, I have another Greek post in the offing, and it should be ready by tomorrow, and I am hoping to start doing some writing on Spinoza very soon, perhaps as early as this weekend as well. We’ll find out how well the essay went sometime next week, hopefully on Monday, but we’ll see. Finances are still not where they need to be, but hopefully we can make it until early next year and then we should be ok.

Other than that, I’ve been discussing spanking at Shack’s Place and thinking about installing the new Ubuntu, 9.10 Karmic Koala.

A blip on the blog radar

I just had a weird glitch with the blog, where it lost all changes made for the past two months. Not good, and my apologies for anyone else it may have disturbed. I’m going to make sure and back it up tonight when I get home from work, but hopefully it was only a momentary hiccup and nothing will be seen of the problem again.


Congratulations to, uhhh… me?

Apparently my own pingback constitutes the 1000th comment on my blog. I thought about deleting it so as to let someone else be 1000, but I thought the link was sufficiently pertinent and explanatory of what was going on in the post that I couldn’t justifying getting rid of it just for the sake of some arbitrary contest I had set up within my own mind. So, hooray for me I guess. Oh, and a big thanks to Cogitans for helping to elevate the number of comments (and the quality of dialogue) on my blog.

Gwibber, Twitter and Facebook

Well, I decided to make some use of my sad little Twitter account, and so I linked it up with my Facebook status updates and downloaded Gwibber, a micro-blogging client for Gnome desktop. Now I just have to look for a plugin to link it all up with my blog. Here is a picture of Gwibber for any interested in using it:

Work on the ol’ blog

I just finished going through all of the “Everything Else” category posts and clear out those posts that were in it because of neglect rather than being appropriately “everything else”. As you can see, I knocked out over fifty posts from that catch-all category, and my “Pseudo-Intellectual” posts have almost caught up. This has me thinking that I probably need to go through these and create a new category to break it up.

The interesting thing is that I believe I will select the religious posts out of the rest. I’m not sure this would have occured to me to do before, but in my current condition, it seems to make a lot of sense. I’ve also thought about breaking up poetry into haiku and other, but I’ll let that category get bigger for now.