The Tears That Wet My Face

Translucent pearls hung on a tightly woven thread
The craft of a spiders singular cunning on display
The tears of a melancholy morning shimmer in the light
A ray of light once gold, turned grey, worn and worried
Thick clouds bound together deny the sky its hue
Downcast with the heavy burden borne on winter’s eve
No eye does claim a hopeful glance to heavens vault
But mine alone, resolute in faith, unwavering in gaze
God himself provides the tears that wet my face

Poetry by Joel

Frosty cold snowflakes
fall softly to the ground while
they spin, twist, and turn.

The snow is glittering
when the sun shines from above
You see the snowflakes
hover around you and fall down
to the soft, fluffy, cold ground.

By Joel Lindgren

Winter Vacation: Day 9 & 10

Saturday was a busy day. First, we went to IKEA to have breakfast and let Hyang browse around looking for things to buy. She settled on some door hooks and glasses, a children’s chair and a little tea set for the girls to play with. Afterwards, we dropped her off at a baby shower for one of her church friends the kids and I went to a nearby McDonald’s for some food and fun. Afterwards, we all went to see “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”, but had trouble getting to the theater and then back home again due to trouble with the GPS for my phone’s navigation. The movie itself was fine, nothing stood out from the experience, either positive or negative, and I guess that’s alright for a kids movie as the children found it sufficiently entertaining.

For today, it was church, followed by lunch with friends, although I have to say that that it was too large a group to really have a good conversation, at least from my perspective. Then we went down to Cedar Hill to pick up Joel’s glasses and spend a little time relaxing at Barnes & Noble (I know, not the most original idea we’ve come up with). Hyang and I plan to watch a movie after the kids go to bed (Doubt) and then get to bed early ourselves for the last dying gasp of our vacation, about five hours at King’s Spa in the morning before I have to head off to work in the afternoon. And that will be it, the end of our Winter vacation. Thanks for reading.

Winter Vacation: Day 7 & 8

Thursday was another day of getting chores done, including having Joel taken to an optometrist to have his eyes checked, and then taking his prescription to the eyeglasses store to be filled. He’s been having some difficulty reading the board at school, to the point where his teacher has been moving him to the front of the class so he could see easier. Well, hopefully these glasses will do the trick and he won’t have that problem any more. One thing I am very thankful for is the vision insurance I have through my work. The glasses only cost us $25 and we were able to get him a nice frame that he liked. This is very different than my first experience with glasses, which included having to wear some pretty ugly thick plastic frames that made me embarrassed to even have glasses. From what I can tell, Joel is pretty happy with his frames and is even looking forward to wearing them. Now I just hope he can take care of them. He isn’t the most careful boy in the world.

Today was a bust, and it was all my fault. I stayed up last night, basically all night, playing a game, and so was too tired to carry through with the plans we had made for today. I apologized to Hyang, but I know she was still disappointed. The only bright spot was that at least she got to spend the day with her friend Ji-hae, so she shouldn’t have been to bored. Still, I’m going to make sure I get some sleep tonight and not disappoint here again.

Finally, I have been wanting to figure out a way to separate my “Meditations” posts from the rest of the blog, and perhaps have it on its own, separate page. No luck so far, but I’ll keep looking into it and see if I can’t figure a way out.

Winter Vacation: Day 6

Not much to report today. The older children went back to school, while Hyang and I did various chores that were in need of being done. Among these was the purchase of some new shoes for Joel, since the ones we had bought him earlier were uncomfortable for him. And since Hyang was there shopping for shoes, she also picked up a new pair for Holy, since she found a cute pair for a good price. Now all three of the children have a new pair of shoes from their Winter break.

Otherwise, it was a lazy sort of day. I suspect tomorrow will be similar. I need to check on the books for my classes and do some other things around the Arlington campus and I am sure Hyang has things she is planning to do in and around Arlington as well. Also, we’re going to try and get Joel in to see the optometrist this week. That’s about it. No photos from today, but you can check the older posts for links to the vacation album on facebook for previous photos.

Winter Vacation: Day 5

We had another action packed day, with early morning adventures with MagiQuest, followed up by a couple of hours of swimming. We broke for lunch at around 1PM, went to do some more MagiQuesting, then did some last minute swimming before finally heading out from Great Wolf Lodge for the comforts of our own home. They children are getting ready for bed right now in preparation for school tomorrow, and I feel pretty good that we gave them a good Winter vacation in the last five days of their Winter break. Pardon me while I give myself a little pat on the back (with lots of thanks going to my lovely wife and Ji-Hae, our stalwart friend).

Check out the new photos in our facebook vacation album.